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Imperium agreements and policy.
« on: January 04, 2019, 05:41:37 am »
    Although The Initiative. family of alliances (INIT., IM, -IA-) operates mostly independent, we are a proper member of The Imperium, and with that membership we must follow some simple rules to ensure the coalition stays in good order. This thread will go over the gist of what you need to know concerning benefits and policies that you will be required to follow.

    Members of The Imperium

    Full Members
    Associate Members NOTE: Do not sell super-capitals to these parties without explicit permission.

    Member Guidelines/Rules
    There are some really basic rules all members of the Imperium must follow. They're easy and quick:
    • Goons and friends should be treated with the same respect as fellow INIT. pilots.
      The members of The Imperium and Our Allies should be treated just the same as if they are another member of the Initiative Family.
    • Respect the rules and wishes of the owning Imperium member's sovereignty in their space.
      Don't anchor structures without getting permission. Please have the INIT. Diplomat team reach out to other alliances within The Imperium for you if you would like to seek permission for these activities.
    • You cannot deny Full Members of the Imperium docking rights.
      You should have the INIT. Whitelist ACL applied to all of your infrastructure to ensure compliance with this rule. You can find it in the MOTD of the INIT. Channel in game
    • Don't sell supercapitals to anyone except Full Members of The Imperium.
      This explicitly prohibits putting supercapital ships on public contract anywhere in New Eden even if it's in a structure only Imperium members can access. You can sell supers in #i_market in Discord or via the Super S-Mart forum on goon's forums.
    • Don't poach members from blue entities.
      Pilots and corporations are free to move to other Imperium alliances/corporations by their own will, but going out of your way to poach blues is prohibited. If a blue pilot applies to your corporation, reach out to their former Imperium corp/alliance to ensure they left on good terms.
    • You must follow specialized rules when roaming in the Querious Fight Club space.
      This boils down to don't cloaky camp, don't interfere with their sov events or mining activities, don't camp their space, don't drop supercapitals on them, and keep moving. Anything else is fair game, but please note their inclusion in the NIP portion of the thread below. This dotlan link highlights all systems officially in the QFC.
    • Don't gank blue JFs.
       If you're ganking or bumping a JF and a member of The Imperium proper DMs you and asks you to stop, please stop attempting to gank the Jump Freighter, (PSA: you can register your JF characters on Goon's auth and the goonswarm freighter ganking SIG will know not to target you.)
    • Go through proper channels if you need to reach out to another alliance/corporation in The Imperium.
      Please contact an INIT. diplomat to reach out to Imperium parties for you rather than trying to reach out yourself. The diplomat team has specific contacts that handle inter-coalition relationships and will often expedite whatever it is you're trying to accomplish. Circumventing diplomats and attempting to speaking on behalf of the alliance will not be tolerated. (Coordination for operations with other FCs in established channels is obviously accepted.)

    Imperium NIPs
    NIP, or Non-Invasion Pact, is a diplomatic agreement between two parties that broadly states that no signatory parties will aggress or aid in the aggression of the structures or sovereignty of the signatory parties in their home regions. NIPs also prohibit any signatory from dropping structures in space in another signatory's home region without explicit diplomatic permission. Finally, cloaky camping is explicitly prohibited in the same manner aggression against structures is. It's important to note that these agreements do not stop you from aggressing their pilots anywhere in space destroying each others ships or engaging in PvP tactics of any other manner is acceptable.

    If you have questions about the specifics of any policy, consult the related goon forum thread or contact a diplomat. Listed as {(Coalition) in their home regions of (Home Regions)}, these are the NIPs The Imperium as a coalition has agreed to follow:

    See this here for Alliance level NIPS not official to Imperium, but just as important.

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    Re: Imperium agreements and policy.
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    Good work!
    Can you supply a link to " NJFB ACL"?
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    Re: Imperium agreements and policy.
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    It is linked in the INIT. Channel, under the name "INIT. Whitelist"