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escalations in Cloud Ring
« on: January 01, 2017, 12:55:58 pm »
Help me to help you 50/50 deal on the escations 7/10 10/10 ONLY! some low sec and around cloud :)) why stop ratting you just do your thing and let me do mine :))

If you want me to run your 10/10 i would be happy to split it 50/50 with you from the loot i receive from the site. I would also look at low sec systems but not enemy main staging areas..

Book Mark naming should look like the below.


Which looks like this:
10/10 BEINBE 77-KDQ 13:37

2. Put the same information in the contract details. So, your contract name would be: 10/10 BEINBE 77-KDQ 13:37

This allows me to keep track of when I need to run a complex and who I need to make the payment to.

50/50 split i do and am on every day at some stage.
The ports give 7/10 also which i would run.
7/10 & 10/10's only please.
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